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Journey Through Waterborne Luxury


Kettuvellams, which have long been associated with economic prosperity, became larger and more intricate, with thatched roofs and divided areas for sleeping and cooking. In the 1990s, Kettuvallams were converted into extravagant houseboats to serve the emerging tourism sector. The cargo hold was replaced with air-conditioned cabins, sun-drenched decks, and spacious bedrooms that provided guests with an amazing journey to Kerala's backwaters. Make your Alleppey houseboat reservation now!

The Call of the Backwaters

An intricate ecology is preserved in the backwaters. Observing the elusive white-breasted waterhens and other exotic species that dart through the mangroves is a great experience. And for the gourmet, there is karimeen fish fry, kappa and meen curry, and sweet and cool curry prepared by a local chef right there on your houseboat.

Cast your line and feel the excitement of capturing your meal. Take in the abundance of the backwaters while learning traditional fishing methods from local fishermen. Experience the genuine joy of solitude and interact with the nearby communities while traveling.

Types of Houseboats : Finding Your Floating Paradise

Alleppey’s houseboats are as diverse as its scenic landscapes. Ranging from the traditional to the opulent, there’s a floating abode for every kind of traveler.

Journey Through Waterborne Luxury


From the break of dawn, where the golden sun casts its first rays upon the shimmering waters, to the tranquil nights under a canopy of stars, every moment on these houseboats is pure magic.


Lose yourself in a book, try your hand at fishing, or simply soak in the mesmerizing views. Every moment is an activity in itself.


The backwaters teem with life. From playful otters to majestic kingfishers, nature showcases its best here.

Booking Your Floating Paradise

A sojourn on these houseboats is more than just a vacation; it's a soulful journey. But when's the best time to embark on this voyage?


The best time to experience the cool, pleasant weather is from November to February. The ideal summer months to enjoy pleasant temperatures and a laid-back vibe are March through May. If you want to experience a nice balance between better weather and fewer people, consider traveling during off-peak hours.


Savor substantial discounts while houseboat rentals become less popular. The staff will likely give you more personalized attention if there are fewer tourists, which will make the atmosphere cozier and more intimate. Houseboat categories are determined by the level of comfort and convenience offered. Every category offers something for every taste and price range, from the coziness of Delux to the extravagance of Super Luxury.


Alleppey’s houseboats are more than just vessels; they’re a promise of memories, experiences, and stories. Every ripple in the water tells tales of old, and every gust of wind carries songs of the wild. Ready to write your own story?


While 1-3 night packages are popular, longer customized trips can also be arranged.

Absolutely! Safety measures are in place to ensure a secure environment for children.

Most operators offer packages inclusive of meals and activities. However, always confirm inclusions beforehand.

Many operators are flexible with itineraries, but it's best to discuss and plan in advance.

Yes, chefs on board often accommodate dietary restrictions. It's advisable to mention your preferences while booking.

Best Selling Packages

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